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The Chatham (NJ) High School Great Reunion '97 took place over the 4th of July weekend, 1997. All members, former classmates and friends of CHS from the classes of 1919 through 1997 (Boro and Township) were invited. 2068 former classmates attended the events including individual class parties, the 4th of July parade and a soccer re-match of the Borough and Township alumni soccer teams.

Saturday night, July 5th, the All Classes Party was held under two huge tents set up on the athletic field of the old Lum avenue school, corner of Chatham street and Lum avenue. Weather conditions were ideal with a clear sky, temperatures in the low eighties and very little humidity. The event was sold out with 1440 people attending.

As reported by the Daily Record in its July 6th edition,

"It takes a lot to celebrate nearly 100 years of Chatham High School.

There were 144 tables, each with balloons in blue, white and gold; more then 3000 pieces of chicken Dijon; 400 bottles of wine, serving some 1800 glasses; 20 kegs of beer; 400 pounds of sirloin; nine kinds of fruit; 4500 brownies, pecan angles, coconut squares and rasberry tarts; and, most important of all 1440 graduates of Chatham High School and Chatham Township High School.

They gathered last night for the highlight of this week's four-day Great Reunion, a gala buffet dinner, music and lots of memories. The alumni spanned more than 75 years, and William Goehner, Class of 1919, was the oldest one there."

At the end of the party all those who were still there gathered together and holding hands sang "God Bless America". There was not a dry eye to be found.

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For the totals, 2453 people responded to the questionnaire. Of those responding, 2070 registered and 1430 registered for the All Classes Party. The class of 1960 was first with the most registrations - 79. The classes of 1965 and 1966 were tied for second with 68. Click on Attendance - Summary to see a summary of class results. Want to know who attended and who did not from your class? Click on Attendance - By Class to find out. A ltogether we're still missing 1858 people which is a decrease of 3 missing since the last report. As always, we still need your help in finding the missing. Please click on Missing - By Class to see a list of the missing for your class. The missing are shown separately for Boro and Township classes. Also check other classes for your siblings by clicking on Missing - By Name .

For those of you who attended the Township school for the years 1966 - 1988 when the Boro and Township were separate, Doug McGregor ('70T) put together a database of Township people for some of those years. However, we have little or no information for the following Township years: 1981, 1983, 1984, 1985, and 1987. If you have any information on Township class members for any of those years please contact Doug McGregor, 8 Lisa Drive, Chatham NJ 07928 201-635-7267.

To view the video of the Great Reunion 1997, click Great Reunion 1997 Video

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