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Last Updated on September 10,  2011
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There are several Web sites that can help you track down missing classmates. These sites can provide addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

1. The web site requires name and approximate age. In order to view results of your search, you must register (It's free) and enter your information.  

2. -- Sponsored by AT&T, AnyWho offers searches by category, city and keyword with a toll-free directory. This site offers information on people, businesses and Web pages.

3. -- Mostly for finding businesses, you ran search by name, type and proximity to your location. Using your address as a base point, the results will provide addresses, phone numbers, distance in miles and maps.

4. -- Though not as far-reaching as phone, this site browses government, phone, public record and Internet directories. Although registration to increase security is recommended, it is not required to receive quick information.

5. -- This is the U.S Post Office web site. It does not provide any names but does allow you to check an address to see if it matches the "official" address stored in the USPS database. If there is a match, the web site will return the complete 9 digit zip code.

6. The web site maintains a list of alumni for most every school in the country. It has a separate list for Chatham Borough and Chatham Township. In order to have your name listed on the site, you must register (It's free) and enter your information.

7. -- Intelius permits a search for a person if you have a name and the city. Details require payment of a monthly, quarterly or annual fee.

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