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  The Chatham NJ High School Great Reunion 2008
Was Held July 3 - July 6, 2008

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The Great Reunion 2008 was held July 3 thru July 6 2008 as one of the many events associated with the 4th of July celebrations of the Chathams.

Following was the schedule of the Great Reunion 2008 events:

July 3:  Thursday:  Check-In

Arrival and Check-In in a common "get together meeting area" starting at noon in the Commons Room at the Chatham Firehouse, Plaza Square.

The Commons Room is part of the Boro Firehouse (that has a park/gazebo along Fairmount Ave.), downtown. If you don't get there before 3 pm on Sat., your envelope will be held at the dinner check-in table at the High School athletic field. The dinner check-in opens at 6 pm on Saturday, July 5.

Individual class gatherings begin. Your Class Coordinator will notify you or check the Class Reunions  web page to see what has been scheduled so far.

Check-In Schedule 

July 3rd - Thursday Noon to 9 pm
July 4th - Friday 8:00 am to 10: am  (Closed during Parade and picnic.) Re-open 3.00 pm to 6:00 pm
July 5th - Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
July 6th - Sunday 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

July 4:  Friday: Parade  -  Organized by the Chatham Borough Fire Department -

    Parade: The Great Reunion 2008 will have a float in the parade as will many individual CHS/CTHS classes. Following the parade there will be a picnic with "refreshments" near the tennis courts next to the Chatham Middle School located at 480 Main St  For more details on the parade organization, please visit

Evening:   Individual Class Parties and fireworks. For non-Chatham residents, the Chatham Fire Department will be charging a $5 admission fee at the gate.

July 5:  Saturday:  Sports and All Class Party

  Sports - (Tennis, Soccer, etc.) - All Sports take place at the Middle School (Old  High school) located at  480 Main St.

5k Run Cancelled
Soccer - Borough vs Township - Women's Cancelled
Soccer - Borough vs Township - Men's (Women are welcome) 10:00am to Noon
Tennis  9:00 am to noon

Evening: 6:00 pm - Midnight. Great Reunion All Class Party dinner and entertainment. Note: Krazy Kat who D.J.'d at the 1985 and 1997 Great Reunions has been engaged for this event again. The All Class Party will be held under the tents behind the Chatham High School  (255 Lafayette Ave.) Last time, in 1997, the All Class Party sold out with 1,440 attending. To see a list of those planning to attend and those who have registered for Great Reunion 2008, please visit GR 2008 Attendance.

July 6:  Sunday worship. Individual class gatherings. Those who remain in Chatham until Sunday for the Great Reunion 2008  will be pleased to know that Ogden Memorial Church (corner of Main & Elmwood) is planning a special Ecumenical service for all alumni, friends, and family.  Phil Barksdale, Paul Harris, and David Hilty, all of the class of 1953, have been working with Pastor Dale Dealtrey and others to make this a memorable time for all.  Barksdale will be teaching on "Growing Up", and Hilty is assembling an Alumni Choir, with a brief rehearsal on Sunday, July 6, at 9:00 AM, followed by the service at 10:00 - followed by a special reception.  Alumni will also have a chance to ring the historic bell at Ogden.

Tanya Lynn Bennett '80B, chaplain at Drew University, will perform the service at the Methodist Church.

The Episcopal Church of St. Paul
200 Main Street
Service of Lessons & Patriotic Music @ 9:30 AM
Sunday July 6th

(For more information about worship services,  please visit
Places of Worship .)

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Great Reunion 2008 Attendance and Registration Results

Results of Attendance Survey and Registration
See a list of people from your class who have answered the survey and
how they responded plus a list of those who have already registered.

Registration By Class - 10 or More Alumni
For a summary of all classes, visit
 Summary of GR2008 Registrations

1960 40 1958 36 1966B 34 1964 27 1969B 27
1961 25 1977B 24 1953 23 1978B 23 1963 21
1965 21 1971B 20 1949 20 1948 19 1967B 19
1957 19 1973B 18 1962 18 1976B 18 1956 17
1970B 17 1959 16 1987B 16 1972B 16 1983B 16
1950 16 1959 16 1955 15 1952 15 1968B 15
1982B 14 1968T 13 1984B 12 1980B 11 1976T 11
1975T 11 1975T 10 1967T 10 1947 10 1979B 10
1970T 10                

Proceeds from online and reunion weekend sales will benefit the
Paul E. Harris, Jr. Award Fund. 

Great Reunion 2008 Coordinating Committee  
 Pete Steffens '66B Chairman
P.O. Box 82 Chatham NJ 07928

Edwin Kruse '44
Bert Abbazia '45
Barbara A. Bennett '48
Arnie Goetchius '49
James T. Pappas '49
John H. Bennett '50
Paul Harris '53
Robert Langford '56
Ernie Wagner '56
Joseph A. Reid, III '57
Helen Harchar Bryant '59
Milo Moore '60
Anne Luke Jarvis '64
Richard Gerdau '64
David Gruol '64
Patricia Motamed Gerdau '64
Dean Wilson '66B
DB Ross '66B
Pete Steffens '66B
Carol Coons Foster '67B
Carol Diaz Nauta '67B
Tim Cloidt '68B
Suzy Feitner Young '71B
Amy Denecke '73B
Peter Heimrich '77B
John Mehalik '80B


Colleen White '83B
Sally Gardner Simonfay '90
Jaime Wilson Macchia '95


Email Status As of 6/1/2008

Current 38.6%
Objective 80%

Email Honor Roll  

(Classes with 50% or more Email registration)

2006 84.5% 1960 81.2% 1957 73.1% 1950 72.0% 2005 67.4%
1970B 65.3% 1986T 64.8% 1955 62.5% 1949 62.5% 1985T 61.5%
1973B 58.4% 1958  57.6% 1967B 56.4% 1984T 56.1% 1981B 55.7%
1966T 56.5% 1980B 54.7% 1956  53.1% 1995 53.0% 1959 52.4%
1952 51.0% 1946 51.7% 1953 50.5%        

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