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Great Reunion 2008 - Took place July 3-6
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The Great Reunion '97 Video was assembled by a man who knows his topic, and craft well. Richard Gerdau (Class of 1964) is a life long Chatham resident who has worked at ABC News for 28 years. During that tenure he has won two Emmys, a Peabody, a Columbia-DuPont and every other major award in broadcast journalism.

In 1977 Gerdau wrote, produced and directed the ABC Television Documentary The Class that Went to War, an examination of the problems facing America's Vietnam Veterans with a specific focus on the Chatham High Class of 1964. Chatham's hour of national television exposure earned rave reviews across the country. The New York Times said: "This portrait of Vietnam legacy through the small lens of Chatham is imaginative and richly textured...both of these elements are rare in the standard television documentary."

The technical crew for The Great Reunion '97 Video - Chuck Clifton and Mark Roy - are also multiple Emmy winners. They work regularly for ABC's 20/20, NBC's Dateline and The National Geographic Specials. With these national media veterans at the helm, The Great Reunion '97 Video is top professional quality.

The Great Reunion '97 Video includes all major events from that wonderful weekend...Thursday's registration and individual class parties...Friday's July 4th parade, picnic and fireworks...Saturday's sporting events, including the outcome of the Boro vs. Township soccer match and Saturday night's spectacular climax at the All-Class dinner/dance. The video is chock-full of interviews with Great Reunion attendees from the class of 1919 through the 1990's.

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