Alice Waters '62 at Her Now Famous Chez Panisse in Berkeley CA.

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From the PBS Web Site "Alice Waters, an old Berkeley, California hippie, rocked the international world of food in the late 1970s by preparing a simple lunch -- roasted garlic, grilled spring lamb, a salad of baby mixed greens and a perfect peach -- for an elite culinary gathering. Henri Charvet, the famous French chef sniffed, "Zhat is not cooking. Zhat is shopping!" Despite this opinion, Alice created a "delicious revolution." She and her now-famous Chez Panisse restaurant became a major force behind how Americans eat and think about food, launching the explosion of local farmer's markets and redesigned supermarket produce departments."

For More Information on the PBS program scheduled for March 19, 2003:

Alice Waters - Airing March 19, 2003

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